At Tango Sin Fin we work actively so that the work of young and talented Argentine composers can be known and heard around the world. For this reason we commission, edit and promote new works of Argentine music. These works are sent to conductors and curators of symphonic orchestras all over the world at a discounted rental rate, and are presented at academic music conferences for inclusion in concert programs. We also founded the Orquesta Sin Fin, which brings together musicians with academic and popular backgrounds, building a bridge between both worlds, and performs free-entry concert series.


The Orquesta Sin Fin realizó el estreno mundial de Beauchef Orquesta Sin Fin on the musician's Youtube channel will take place on Friday,  August 6 The piece was written during quarantine and it has 4 movements, called "phases": Construcción, Distancia, Aislamiento and Consecuencia

The live premiere of Beauchef was on November 6th, in the concert Nuovo Tempo, where guest conductor Beatrice Venezi conducted the Orquesta Sin Fin for the 50th anniversary of the Fundación Cultural Coliseum. 


Tango Sin Fin organized the contest Nuevas Canciones Argentinasopen to composers from all over the country. 250 songs were entered and the jury, composed by Ana Robles, Coqui Ortiz and Luciana Jury chose the winning songs.

The 10 songs that will be arranged by Exequiel Mantega and played by the Orquesta Sin Fin are: 

Acuarelas del Litoral – Verónica Marchetti

Amaicha – Juan Pablo Piscitelli, Gabriel Gómez Saavedra

Cauce – Rafael Climente

Don Esperanza Quispe – Daniel Morcos, Gustavo Machado

El canto – Pablo Vélez

Luna porteña – Alejandro Petkevicius

Milonga muy triste – Nélida Saporiti

Ritual del sur – José Santucho

Todo está escrito en el viento – Juan Manuel Colombo, Paula Suárez

Tristecito Ay’ Ser – Matías Donetto, Manuel Estrada

Congratulations to all winners!

The contest was made possible by MECENAZGO and the Government of Buenos Aires.

2021/2022 PROJECTS

– Concierto sinfónico de música argentina con la Münchner Symphoniker Orchestra (Munich, Alemania).

– Concierto con ensamble de cuerdas en el Brisbane Festival (Brisbane, Australia).

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