No, as the program is designed to learn techniques in the morning and apply them in the ensemble class in the afternoon, although there are many musicians who play more than one instrument, only ONE can be chosen for the Instrumental techniques and Ensemble class.
In the other Open Masterclasses, Jam tango sessions and other open projects that might happen spontaneously during the week, every musician is free to play or sing any other instrument.

Yes! When we see that you are an amateur musician or that you simply need easy parts, we will assign you to an ensemble that will be perfect for you. But you will also have Instrumental classes in the morning and can enjoy the rest of the program as the rest of the musicians who are registered.
Also, one special series of “Tango Fundamental Tools” class will be designed for you to join.


Assignation will be made by the team of artistic faculty, having in mind the best possible learning experience for the player. The role that will be assigned can not be changed.

No, the Orquestas Típicas will be formed by a small number of musicians to offer a better musical experience.
Piano, contrabass and singer spots in Orquestas Típicas are limited, so the places will be covered having in mind the level of playing and the registration order. All registered musicians will have an ensemble to play in, either in the Orquestas Típicas or in one of the various ensembles that will be formed.

Every night at the Jam Tango Sessions each singer will be assigned ONE TANGO to sing as in the famous Argentinian “Peñas de Cantores” (bars where singers meet and each one sings the same repertory every night, in order to search for the deepest possible interpretation).
Each singer will choose one favourite tango to sing every night. This tango will be different from the assigned one in the ensemble.

Yes! We call it Orquestas Típicas, but the instrumentation might be diverse and inclusive!


Yes! You need to apply for that. Please check the new proposal for Pre-formed ensembles!
And yes! Pre-formed ensemble members can also be assigned to the Tango For Musicians ensembles. The pre-formed rehearsals will happen at a different time than Ensemble Class.


Yes. You need to apply for that.
And at the 2024 Leipzig Edition we will have different proposals than those from previous years.
Read all about how to join the Arrangers & Composers Program here.