Tango for Musicians in Europe 2024 has new activities for Pre-Formed Ensembles!

In this new edition we chalenge the Pre-formed ensembles to premiere a new arrangement or original music!

And as a difference to previous editions, the 5 selected ensembles will join and play the whole week with the coordination of the artistic faculty one space called “Pre-Formed Ensembles Open Rehearsal” at the last hour of the class schedule.

  • The 5 ensembles will have the opportunity to rehearse under the supervision of the faculty in an Open Rehearsal that takes place during the Afternoon Masterclasses. This will give you the chance to experience how music comes to life with other fellow musicians!
  • All musicians from the 5 chosen groups will also be assigned to an Orquesta Típica or an ensemble.
  • An online pre-course for Arrangers & Composers to work in their pieces will be offered by the teachers at the time of applying in case they consider that some work should be done for an extra fee.


  • Musicians can join only ONE Pre-formed ensemble. In case they are part of two, if the two groups are accepted, they can join only one and decline the other choice.
  • If any members of the ensemble can’t come to tango For Musicians, the Pre-formed spot will be canceled. Unless the ensemble coordinator seeks a registered musician to replace them with sufficient advance notice for the replacement to perform the music correctly.
  • Ensembles should have at least four members in order to participate as a Pre-Formed ensemble. 


Enterate de la propuesta para Pre-Formed Ensembles de nuestra edición 2024.