Paulina Fain is a flutist, teacher and cultural manager. Founder of Tango Sin Fincreator of the intensive training program Tango Para Músicosauthor of the book La Flauta en el Tango and director of TSF's book series, Método de TangoCreator of the Tango Sin Fin Free Downloadable EditionsShe's the general manager of the Orquesta Sin Fin.

She has developed an extensive career as a flutist in the Dúo Fain-Mantega, and has toured the world

She's a Vientos Tango (Tango Wind) teacher at the UNSAM (Universidad de San Martín).

Exequiel Mantega is a composer, arranger, teacher and orchestra conductor.

He has composed over 150 original pieces, published by EPSA PublishingIn 2021, the french publishing house Henry Lemoine edited his fute duo arrangements for6 Estudios Tanguísticos" by Astor Piazzollawhich are distributed worldwide.

He is the arranger and conductor of the Orquesta Sin Finand has written over 70 symphonic arrangements for the orchestra since 2017, when it was created.

He's a Arreglos y Composición en música argentina teacher at the DAMUS, UNA (Universidad Nacional de las Artes).

Tango Sin Fin team


We’d like to thank the following companies for supporting Tango Sin Fin‘s events and activities all around the world:


We would like to thank the musicians that, from their corner of the globe, support us and help us spread Argentinian music with more people everyday.

Heyni Solera


Bandoneon player, Heyni completed a Bachelor of Music at Washington Advenstist University. Discovering the richness of tango music has led Heyni to research the contemporary scene of tango music in Buenos Aires and pursue her Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland.

Aparna Halpé


Aparna Halpé (LGSM) is a tango violinist and organizer from Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of Orquesta Solidaridad Tango, an all-woman, diversity-affirming tango orchestra dedicated to creating fair work and performance opportunities for women in tango. Solidaridad Tango's most recent project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts/ Conseil des arts du Canada.

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