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Tango for Musicians at Reed College

Tango For Musicians at Reed College takes place annually in Portland, Oregon, (USA) in collaboration with Reed Collegewith a program developed to maximize the students' learning experience, throught rehearsals and hands-on training to cover all aspects of tango music.

Our educational programs will give you great experience to challenge yourself to play tango music in a variety of classes and ensembles. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of tango music, or experience playing tango for the first time, there’s a place for you.  By learning from some of the most renowned tango musicians in an inviting and encouraging environment, you’ll be able to expand your creativity and reach your potential as a musician or as an arranger or composer. You´ll have the unique chance to play alongside great musicians so as to gain all the performance experience you need to play in a tango ensemble with others. 12 editions of the Tango For Musicians program have been taking place all over the world since its first edition in 2014. 12 ediciones TFM has presented more than 80 performances, student showcases and concerts, including recitals by students, faculty, our resident ensemble and guest artists. 80 presentacionesWe have also premiered over 30 original arrangements from our Arrangers & Composers track students. 30 arreglos originales de nuestros estudiantes del trayecto Arrangers & Composers. Más de More than 2500 students from all over the world have joined our program since its first edition. de todo el mundo se sumaron a nuestro programa desde su primera edición.



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tango for musicians at reed college


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