The 2023 edition adds to our usual program, a new program specially designed for Tango enthusiasts! (Einsteiger Tango Programm, in Deutsch!). This program is open to amateur musicians, tango dancers who play any instrument, and anyone who dreams of joining an Orquesta Típica, with really very easy parts. All instruments are welcome! Everyone is welcome to Tango!

The program includes a week-long program with different classes: The fundamentals Masterclasses with basic tango tools, a class to discover and learn how to listen to the different tango styles, and the chance to join as a musician the Tango Enthusiast Orquesta Típica!
If you are doubting about joining this program or the “Musicians Program”, register and let us know about this. Then, we will ask you a short audio or video to know you better and fin the best place for you!

Get the experience of playing with others, ending with a concert in the Gala Milonga on the weekend!


The fundamentals
In these classes every fundamental aspect of tango music will be covered by everyone playing with their instruments, discovering how to play a Marcato, a Syncopation and Expressive and Rhythmic melodies.

Morning masterclasses
Enthusiast participants can choose any masterclass offered at this time. Or this could also be a possible time to study and play in some of the available studying classrooms.

Tango Enthusiast Orquesta Típica rehearsal
Everyday rehearsal with the Enthusiast Orquesta Típica, enjoying the unforgettable experience of playing Tango Music with others!

Tango Styles Masterclass
At the end of the day, nothing better than meeting Ignacio Varchausky to discover & listen in a new way to the Tango Styles.

If you want to start playing tango with bandoneon or accordion, our great teacher Pablo Jaurena will be teaching every morning (from 11.15 to 12.45hs) a Beginner class for anyone who would like to start playing the bandoneon!


These sample pages might give you one idea of how the Studying material might be. 


We will send 2 months prior to the event your Orquesta Típica parts to read and play. One week before the event, the teacher in charge of the Enthusiast Orquesta Típica will send you some other simple materials to bring printed for working during the week.

The Enthusiast Orquesta Típica will be coordinated by Judy Ruks (German speaking) with the support of the team or Argentine teachers every day.



Enjoy hanging out with fellow musicians, dancers, and audiences in several activities after classes every day!

Check out all the activities open to the public throughout the week

If you have any doubts about the program, please contact us at communication@tangosinfin.org.ar