The Bass in Tango
Ignacio Varchausky


  • TIME-MARKING MODELS. The role of the bass as part of the rhythmic base. Marcato, pizzicato, and other typical articulations used in tango.
  • BASS LINES. Characteristic devices used to create bass lines and perform them spontaneously.
  • RHYTHMIC MELODY. Articulation as a fundamental constituent element of the tango language.
  • EXPRESSIVE MELODY. Fraseo as an essential device for expressiveness.
  • ALSO milonga and vals, the use of percussive effects, guidelines to play in a tango ensemble, the history of the bass in tango, the different styles of the genre, and more.
  • 6 ORIGINAL WORKS for ensemble.

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200 pages
Bilingual edition: Spanish / English
(El Contrabajo en el Tango / The Bass in Tango)
ISBN 978-987-46634-2-9
© 2018 Tango Sin Fin / TSF-1803

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Audio and video recordings and play-along tracks for each exercise and piece included are available for free on our channel.

testimonios acerca del libro

“Ignacio Varchausky provides a great research study on the double bass in tango, a complete analysis of different time marking models and fundamental double bass effects. A piece of study material for both double bass players who are interested in tango, and arrangers and performers of other instruments.”
“Ignacio Varchausky has poured his heart and soul into this beautiful book. I am a great admirer of the many great bassists in tango music, and I am a student of this music! This book will help us all to dive much deeper into this amazing music and enable us to understand it better and ultimately play it with the respect it deserves!.”


Ignacio Varchausky

He studied double bass in Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda with Daniel Buono and then with Norberto Juez. He was the founder of Orquesta El Arranque, a group with whom he has recorded 10 albums and toured 300 cities in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. He has performed at Lincoln Center (New York) along with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, at the Royal Carré Theatre (Amsterdam), the Chaillot National Theatre (Paris), the Orchard Hall (Tokyo), the Grieg Hall (Norway), the Center for Fine Arts (Brussels) and the Kennedy Center (Washington). He is the creator and artistic director of educational program Orquesta Escuela de Tango “Emilio Balcarce”, funded by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires. The history of this orchestra was portrayed in the documentary “Si sos brujo: una historia de tango”. Within and outside of this program, Varchausky has been teaching for almost 20 years. He has given classes and conferences all around the world, including the Sidney Conservatorium of Music, the Rotterdam Conservatory, the University of London, Americas Society (New York), Ibero-American Institute (Berlin)and Reed College (Portland, Oregon), among other institutions. As a producer he has worked on more than 50 records along with artists such as Leopoldo Federico, Horacio Salgán, Gustavo Beytelmann, Julio Pane, Néstor Marconi, Bibi Ferreira, Walter Ríos, Kevin Johansen, Diego Schissi, Lidia Borda and El Arranque, among others. He is the founder and artistic director of the nonprofit organization TangoVia Buenos Aires, which has the goal of preserving, spreading and developing tango as an art form. As of 2012 he hosts the radio program “Ayer hoy era mañana”, dedicated to the diffusion of tango’s current scene and history.

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