Orquesta Sin Fin

The Orquesta Sin Fin was founded in 2017 by Tango Sin Fin as part of its aim to promote new Argentine music, in this case, in symphonic format.

With the most outstanding musicians of the classical and popular fields, the Orquesta Sin Fin generates a strong and flexible base with space for improvisation within the arrangements.

Orquesta Sin Fin


"The orchestra is daring, with contemporary repertoires where there are no defined limits between the academic and the popular" (La Nación, 2018)

"The symphony of the future" (La Nación, 2018)

"A meeting where the virtues of each world are enhanced: the supposed dichotomy between the cultured and the popular is banished" (Clarín, 2018)


Exequiel Mantega (PH Mario Efron)

Exequiel Mantega

Epsa Publishing has published more than 100 of his works. Henry Lemoine published his arrangements of Astor Piazzolla's "6 Estudios Tanguísticos". For the first season of the "Estaciones Sinfónicas" at the CCK (2017/2018) he made 45 symphonic arrangements premiered by the orchestra.
We would like to especially thank StagePlotPro for its support with the software necessary for the realization of the stage plans used in these concerts, and to Note Performer for providing us with the software for the reproduction of the digital music writing files with high-quality audio.

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